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INSIDE EACH OF US IS A PERFECT PERSON. Like a Gem in the rough, we have the ability to CHIP AWAY IMPERFECTIONS…and allow our brilliance to shine.


 Energy swirls in us, around us and thru us…our emotional, spiritual and physical bodies are filled with energy.
 Energy is ever-present…life giving…an unseen force of frequencies that helps determines how we experience our day-to- day world. Like tuning in to our favorite... radio station…we can click on the clear clean message…or we can dial in to a static fuzzy sound if we are out of range or not in balance.

The issue is that unfortunately, many of us have created & accepted some very interesting energy patterns in our consciousness. Another word for this is BS (belief systems). This begins from our earliest days on earth. We developed those energy frequenc!!ies based on how we experienced our world. Perhaps many of thos
e energy experiences and thoughts were loving and supportive. Perhaps, at times, some of them were not.
 But, the good news here is that we can change the energy patterns that are no longer working in our life.    
For instance, as a young child, we may have learned energy patterns that reflect lack. This may have etched a spot in our subconscious mind. This may show up in our adult lives as struggle over finances. Over time, we may then create a BS that we are never get ahead or lack luck. We might then, as adults, attract into our lives people who resonate with what we believe, which in this case is a belief in lack and victimization.

 And we also have attractor fields, much like pheromones, that will continue bringing what our energy patterns reflect. We may keep trying to avoid this experience on a conscious level. But the energy pattern (on a subconscious level) which is consistent and non-judgmental, keeps bringing into our environment that which we send out. This is why it can feel as if we have no choice.

 I believe the only way to change our attractor field is to change the frequencies (energy) we resonate with there by changing the frequencies of the attractor field we send out.

Here’s the thing to consider. We attract into our lives the things that we resonate with. Good or bad. What we ‘think’ we want or not. If we are to make changes in our belief systems, we have to alter the existing energy frequencies that were created in our consciousness. The way that we help you change your frequencies is to send into your energy space, via Indigo Energy Sculpting System, the new energy frequencies and thought patterns that you are wanting. This helps set the foundation for change.
Example: Let’s say you have a strong attractor frequency of rejection, bolstered by feelings of fear, inadequacy, or failed relationships. We would send you the frequency of love and acceptance. By sending you this energy frequency of love and acceptance via Indigo along with other modalities, you can, with the help with your affirmations, whyformations and actions, alter your energy frequency of rejection to resonate more with love and acceptance.
We also remove the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence. Love and acceptance is our natural energy. When we stop experiencing Love, it is because we have created blocks in our energetic body.

We accomplish this with the assistance of an extraordinary energy frequency tool called the Indigo Bio-feedback System along with a visionary blend of modalities. How do these tool and energy sculpting work? The Indigo system is used as a “bio-feedback device.” It is a simple, painless system. The Indigo System is gently connected to the client via straps to the head and limbs. This gives real time feedback to what the body and mind (energy frequencies) is showing while in a session.

While in-person sessions are wonderful, this system can also be used as a virtual distance energy tool, similar to long distance reiki. Healing can occur, no matter what the distance. Energy flows where intention goes. We use this predominantly to send the energy frequencies desired by our client. It works somewhat like a cell phone. Energy literally travels through energy to get to your energy.
You can create the life you want. The diamond in the rough cannot be seen until the outer surface is removed. Let your inner light shine!

For the “official and technical definitions of how
Indigo Bio- Feedback works please click on the following link,

       Then click on Indigo and then feel  free to look at as much information as you feel you need to know what you want to know..

What I say about what I do is my interpretation and vision. For the “official and technical definitions of hoe Indigo Bio- Feedback works please clik on the following link,
hen click on Indigo and then feel free to look at as much information as you feel you need to know what you want to know..
What I say about what I do is my interpretation and vision.

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